Tim's Writings
Original Compositions by Tim Kolb

This page is dedicated to the presentation of my writings that deal with the things of ordinary experience of people with or without disabilities.  A new composition will appear more or less each month, as long as my creativity holds up.  Each writing will be preceded by a preface that gives some pertinent background information.  I hope you will enjoy what you read here.  : )  Each of the writings is in PDF format and may be viewed by using the Adobe Reader.  If you don't have the Adobe Reader, you may download it for free by clicking on Adobe Reader.

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Preface to the Writing

In our world, we see a lot of the Madison Avenue and the Paris images of wealth, what people should ware, and what the human form should look like to be desirable. The result of these images displayed and promoted in the media tends to reinforce the doubts and insecurities we already have about ourselves in terms of whether we are "good enough" or whether we even have any value or worth in the eyes of others.  Eating disorders and related mental health issues, tragically ending in death, have greatly increased among young people and many adults.  So, if people who are able-bodied and able minded end up with menacing doubts about hemselves, then what do you suppose people with obvious disabilities are experiencing?  

What do we do, close our eyes and plug our ears?  No, of course not!  What we need Is a better vision of what's important and what true value and true worth really are and where they come from.  I attempt to answer these questions in this month's writing titled  "WHAT ARE YOU WORTH?"  The writing follows when you click on:"Click Here to See the Writing" in the box below.