Fellow Disability Advocates:

You, your family, and your friends who experience or know and care about persons with disabilities, also know how difficult it can be to navigate the state's system of services; or have a chance to become competitively employed without losing necessary government medical benefits; or become an integral and respected part of society.  Addressing these and many other disability related issues is the work of the Kolb Foundation for Disability Education.  A part of our mission is to provide educational opportunities and helpful resources and services to persons with disabilities and the broader public regarding disability issues.  In the recent past, such opportunities and resources include:

Referring persons with disabilities interested in employment to Vocational Rehabilitation and   
         Easter Seals of Nebraska to receive vocational training and information on work incentives.

Presentations to the University of Nebraska at Kearney classes in social work, Multicultural   
         Communication classes at Doane College Lincoln campus, and the University of Nebraska 
         Lincoln Barkley Memorial Center general education classes on the disability experience.

Showing a college student with a disability how to use speech recognition software to improve   
         their efficiency and ease of typing.

Counseling persons with disabilities on how to obtain and maintain personal assistance services 
         so they could remain in their own homes instead of having to move into an institution

Advocating for passage of an updated Medicaid Insurance for Workers with Disabilities (MIWD) 
         legislation that would enable more Nebraskans with disabilities to be able to work and become 
         less reliant on public assistance programs.

We have observed that many people with disabilities have had to live limited unproductive lives of just surviving from day-to-day without many expectations of themselves or their future.  This lack of expectations is largely due to society's shortsightedness about the potential abilities of persons with disabilities and a lack of knowledge about available resources and opportunities.  Therefore, we propose to help people with disabilities become more productive, independent and realize the KFDE motto of Living... Not Just Surviving.  To do that, we need your help, both financially and personally.   If you would like to become an informed advocate for persons with disabilities, please contact me by clicking on "KFDE" under Contact in the box above.  If you would like to help us financially, click on Help Financially In the box above.  Your tax-deductible gift will help us to help persons with disabilities remain independent in the world community.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Tim Kolb -- KFDE's CEO & Executive Director
Living ... Not Just Surviving!

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