KFDE is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation founded by its first CEO and Executive Director, Tim Kolb, in June of 2003.  KFDE has numerous educational resources on a broad spectrum of disability related subjects  for persons with disabilities and their families, schools, colleges, businesses, government agencies and the general public.  

KFDE strongly supports the fundamental idea that persons with disabilities have the right to choose and be supported in their effort to live life in their own homes and communities, independent of institutions. KFDE further supports the fundamental idea that persons with disabilities should expect and endeavor, as much as possible, to live lives similar to those lived by their non-disabled counterparts by promoting proper financial and estate planning along with the appropriate pursuit of employment and other resource assistance through such government benefit programs as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicare, and Medicaid.

     About Us
NOTE: The Services and Resources offered by KFDE include, but are not limited to those listed below. Services and Resources will be applied to the individual customer according to their unique circumstances and goals.

KFDE Services

Individualized Advocacy: 1) Assisting persons with disabilities by personally advocating for them before state officials and legislators in an attempt to acquire the necessary and appropriate services they need; 2) Advocating for assistive devices that could improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities; 3) Advocating on behalf of parents or guardians of children with disabilities to acquire disability related resources, both state and private, that could improve family life; etc.

One-on-one Personal Consultations: 1) Consultations on how to live and be active, productive, and safe in your own home and community while experiencing a severe disability;2) Consultations on how to go toward or continue in higher education and gainful employment while accommodating a severe disability, 3) Consultations on the possible kinds of home modifications needed to live in ones own home; etc.

Referrals to Other Resources: 1) Referrals to the Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) for appropriate assistive devices; 2) Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) for assistance with employability; 3)Referrals, if appropriate, to the Medicaid waiver program for assistance with in-home personal care and chore services; etc.

KFDE Resources

Educational Materials: 1) Assisting with acquiring educational videos on disability related subjects and issues; 2) Directing people to resources on disability related law [e.g. the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)]; 3) Helping people with disabilities acquire information on protecting medical benefits during gainful employment (e.g. Ticket to Work and Social Security Work Incentives for Persons with Disabilities); etc.

Presentations and Seminars: 1) Self Advocacy, 2) Marriage and Family with Disabilities, 3)System Change, 4)The Disability Experience, 5) Acquiring and maintaining Personal Assistance Services (PAS), 6) Helping persons with disabilities and their families prepare for long distance traveling in terms of accessible transportation and lodging issues; etc.

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